Quebec: “North Africans” Complain About Islamophobic Montreal Journal Columnist

Canada : Les Maghrébins du Québec dénoncent les propos islamophobes d’un chroniqueur

From FDS – Source El Watan

In this regard. CMQ asked the Journal de Montreal columnist Michel Beaudry and ” withdraw the remarks and apologize to the members of the Muslim community in the shortest possible time. “.

The column by Michel Beaudry of the Montreal Journal – It’s behind a paywall, excerpt below using Google Translate

For 28 years, I live in Brossard, Asia. Chinese with round hats, pretty girls head wrapped in kitchen curtains, Sikh, with a peak in the front or madams draped sheets contours, for me, it’s daily. Insofar as they do not gossent other, they can do what they want and even to dress their shelter Tempo. That does not make me a crease on the difference. If I put a blue pants with a brown shirt, I do not want to hear a word. Why? Because I do not bother anyone and that’s the rule. Our ancestors yelled, beaten and flayed the skin we have freedom. Do not lose above. Do not let it slip through religions. The controlling Catholic kept us collar for several years, but we put in its place. We no longer accept her to tell us what to eat, who attend, how to raise our children and when to mow. And it will be the same for others.

Are you happy with us? Ben, you adapt. If you or your parents have chosen to come here, there’s a reason. Is that we are good and we have peace. The big fashion in our corn is freedom. Expression, gender, lifestyle, and it starts with respect. Here, we fight for our women have parity in all and if you arrive by abusing and limiting your own, you are in the field to the neck.

Here, the imposition of a religion to anyone means a decline of 75 years in manners. Yes, most gossants are Muslims because we see what they do elsewhere and we do not want that here. Too many fundamentalists, they thrive on hatred and abuse their peers. Here, we have a penchant for Christendom because it dictates foremost to love his neighbor. Over time, we added “unless you pile on the balls.” We no longer the other cheek. One slap in the face, this is too much.
Religion is personal in his heart and thoughts. What you see is what you get.

Nothing to complain about that I can see.