This seems like a worthy petition

“To the Members of the Upper House of the Afghan National Assembly and the Chair of the Legislative Committee, Malawi Ghulam Muhiuddin Monsef:
As concerned citizens, we are shocked by the proposed changes in the criminal procedure code that would stop relatives of accused persons from appearing as witnesses. Not only would this dangerous amendment allow tormentors of women and children to go free, but it would set an alarming precedent in the battle to improve women’s rights and the rule of law in Afghanistan. We urge you to vote against this amendment and do everything in your power to keep it from becoming law.”

UPDATE – Saith kakola at SDA: “My experience with Avaaz has been 100% negative – although they promise not to, they gave my email address to several hundred spammers, and my account got bombed. Which was alright, because I suspected something like that might happen – they wanted me to support the CBC, so I simply invented a new hotmail account specifically for them to pass on, and voted with my heart….”

So take that into consideration.