In which I defend Dr. Phil

No, I can’t stand him either. Bullying doucheb*g. Little piggy eyes. Dead eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. But this is a perfectly legitimate question.

Now, if the woman is passed out drunk, yeah, that’s rape. (I don’t care if she was irresponsible. Having sex with an unconscious woman is rape. It’s also very creepy. In fact if you do that I’m going to assume you’re probably a closet necrophiliac.)

Passed out, no. High as a kite? I say go for it. If you don’t agree with me, explain why a woman’s going to bed with a drunk guy isn’t rape. If she can’t consent then neither can he. Unless you consider all women to be mental and emotional incompetents. Which you could make a case for, I’ll grant you. But at least be honest.