Muslim Brotherhood Unmasked


Toronto, August 16, 2013 – As new waves of violence erupt across Egypt, widening attacks against the Christian minority – including ancient Coptic churches – reveal that the extremist views of the Muslim Brotherhood are at the forefront.

“Canadians are greatly concerned for the Christian minority in Egypt as the attacks on churches by the Muslim Brotherhood and its ally, Hamas in Gaza, continue to escalate,” said Frank Dimant, CEO, B’nai Brith Canada. “We thank the Government and the Office of Religious Freedom for speaking up as we must not let this latest turn of events be swept under the rug. The Canadian Jewish community is also calling on the Government to aid and assist Christians who are facing these horrible acts of inhumanity.”

“Authorities in Cairo have said that many of the fighters in the Sinai and elsewhere have crossed over from Gaza, and have therefore closed the border indefinitely. Hamas’ support of the Muslim Brotherhood has only further emboldens radical Islamists in Egypt, putting countless lives at risk. Their mask of tolerance has been ripped off by these latest attacks and must be condemned in the strongest of terms.”

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