NGO’s, Politics and the Demise of the Grass Roots Revolution

“I have become, as Alex Comfort states, a discouraged revolutionary. This is as a result of my discovery that the grass-roots movements I had put my hopes into have been co-opted by political parties and NGO’s alike. The revolution, and I propose, the social evolution of humanity, has been co-opted by special interest groups masquerading as “hope and change”…”love and light”… all the while working towards chaos, darkness and oppression. I have become discouraged, because like most people involved in grass-roots movements I have a heart that hopes for a better world, but have eyes that have seen forces working towards their own endpoints, using US to do it.”

Anyone remotely familiar with the left quickly understands the rent-a-mob sameness of virtually every protest and movement. This is an interesting article questioning the agenda from “their side”

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