Mosques In Canada Spew Hateful Messages Study Finds

Jewish Tribune: You’ve pointed out that not all of the sermons you and your associates heard were cause for concern; some covered religious matters that wouldn’t raise any eyebrows. What did you hear that troubled you?

Tahir Gora: “Islamic religious leaders said very clearly that we are different and we are not supposed to be part of Western culture. We can and should enjoy Western civil liberties as long as our boundaries are not surpassed, but, other than that, they do not want Muslims to intermingle in a natural way in the larger society. They said women should segregate themselves from society, as well, [saying] it is good if women put veils on their faces but, if they can’t, at least they should put on the hijab.”

A timely article given what I found on this post about Toronto’s Masjid al-Furqaan  and the child abuse witnessed at the recent Queen’s Park Al Qud’s Day Hate-Fest where children spewed the fermented hate of their mother’s milk.

What does Masjid al-Furqaan think of our school system and society? Link

An admonition is included concerning those Parents who send their children to the schools of the non-Muslims. The ‘suicide’ contained in such a decision, as the children will be affected by those whom they accompany, and if it is not permitted to accompany ‘ahlul-bidah’ and disliked to allow our children to accompany the foolish children (from amongst the Muslims), then what more for allowing our children to accompany children raised upon kufr, shrik, shahawaat, shubuhaat and the vile characteristics of Western society?

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