Your Very Own Terrorist LinkedIn Buddy!

A reader writes…. Thought I’d send along to you this intriguing little item. This Linked In ‘invitation’ (I’m a strictly nominal presence there) that landed in my email basket yesterday morning gave me true pause for reflection.

Isn’t that truly quaint? Someone arrested and charged with terrorism activities, a real died-in-the-wool Islamist fanatic set out to foment violence and death in Canada, the country which has given him the opportunity to further his professional ambitions, but which quantatively opted not to further his religious devotions, earning his undying enmity, preparing to stand trial for terrorist activities, remains listed on an international social networking site. Which randomly, one imagines, selects names to forward to others with a standing invitation to contact them and make your life more interesting.

I’ve taken a pass on it (as I always do in any event; I don’t maintain an active presence on the site), but one wonders how many malign, twisted minds have been enabled to establish what for them might represent meaningful contact?

Cheers, R