Sun News will shine on

Well, it’s done. We’ve all been waiting a long time for this.

By “we” I mean the more than a hundred people who work at Sun News, and the 60,000 people who signed our support petition. I mean the millions of people in this great country who want an independent, non-liberal voice in media.

I mean conservatives, Christians, supporters of Israel, those who don’t detest the United States, those who have intelligent and critical questions about global warming propaganda, critics of communism, those who refuse to worship at the feet of Trudeau, Suzuki and the CBC, men and women who question establishment wisdom about major policies, Canadians who want the right and freedom to speak out and speak loud.

Not a bad audience that.

Massive, magnificent and now able to watch a television network that speaks truth to liberal power. Yes, now able.

Because in spite of what you will read, see and hear in the state-financed media, or from leftist spin doctors, Thursday’s CRTC decision was a victory. For free speech, us, you, Canada.

h/t d9