Pro-life Toronto councillor opts out of event honoring pro-abortion doctor


When a Toronto councillor learned that an upcoming event at which he was to officiate would honor a deceased doctor who campaigned for legalized abortion, he decided to opt out of the event.

Appointed Ontario’s chief coroner in 1961, Dr. Morton Shulman was outspoken on decriminalizing abortion, arguing that legalized child-killing would lower the number of women dying from botched illegal abortions.

Shulman, 75, died in 2000 after trying his hand in politics as the New Democrat MPP from High Park and as a salesman for the drug Libido, which he described as “a proven, potent aphrodisiac.”

“After reading up about Dr. Shulman, I don’t feel that I am the right member of council to represent the city, said Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong” (Ward 34, Don Valley East.)