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What Can American Muslims Do About Allegations of Christophobia?

Many Americans have about had it with bad news informing of or alleging Muslim involvement in terrorism and nobody in the mainstream wants to hear any more of this. Not helping Americans’ to achieve a positive perspective on Muslims is even more bad news emerging from time to time alleging incidents of “Christophobia” in the Muslim world. Indeed, as much as nobody in the mainstream wants to hear or read any more of this bad news, neither do American Muslims.

We could consider an example of one of these news items that would tend to suggest that Islam is necessarily “Christophobic.” The article by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World,” in “Newsweek,” on February 6, 2012 assures us that, “In recent years the violent oppression of Christian minorities has become the norm in Muslim-majority nations.”

I swear that web page reeks of sh&t.