Where was the MSM on Al Quds Day? MIA.

With the exception of Sun News, & the Jewish Tribune the MSM was MIA. I have not found a single report from any other newspaper or radio or television station. 7 bus loads of fanaticized cultists descend on Queen’s Park, spew hateful rhetoric about Jews & Israel, and the MSM doesn’t think it newsworthy?

The Shia fanatics assembled over 2000 marchers, many of whom were women and children, in defiance of  the permit denial the march organizers received from Queen’s Park. Why isn’t the MSM doing its job and asking why the city granted the Al Quds day organizers a permit to assemble in the municipally administered portion of Queen’s Park? The evidence of childhood hate indoctrination within the Muslim community is reason enough to merit coverage, yet not a word from the MSM.

How can this be? What does the MSM fear? Perhaps a clue can be found in their coverage of the Innocence of Muslims Mohammed Movie protest of a year ago. That demonstration was organized by the same people behind Saturday’s Al Quds hate-fest. While the MSM did show up, they deliberately ignored the blatant anti-Semitism on display at the event. Are they shackled by political correctness? Do they lack the self-awareness necessary to recognize that their day as Media Gatekeepers has ended? Whose agenda do they serve?

Blogwrath and Jonathan Halevi have more on Saturday’s event. Do check out their stories.