Lunatic At Toronto Al Quds Day Rally Says Israelis Should Be Given 2 Minute Warning To Get Out Or They Start Shooting

“Elias Hazineh, Former President of Palestine House, attended the annual Quds Day rally that took place on August 3, 2013 in Toronto. In his speech to a crowd of hundreds holding anti-Israel banners and waving the flags of Palestine, Iran, Syria (Assad regime) and Hezbollah, Hazineh uttered a threatening message to the Jews living in Israel, while talking in favor of endorsing a strategy that will give the Israeli Jews an ultimatum to leave immediately the country or to be shot dead.

Palestine House is an anti-Semitic NGO defunded by the federal government.

Note: This is an edited version of the original video excerpting the relevant call for the murder of Israelis with a translation of the accompanying Koran verse by Jonathan Halevi.

Original video.