My Epic Comment

So I’ve been arguing on and off for a few days with a couple of good little leftists on the croissant fatwa thread over on the Dangerous Minds Website. I just spent an hour of my alleged life writing this rather epic comment, and I’d rather it weren’t completely wasted. I quote the guy I’m responding to a few times. I think the points I’m rebutting should be clear from the context.

I don’t care what constitutes the “true faith” of Islam. Their holy book is blisteringly violent*, but that doesn’t bug me in and of itself. I mean, I happen to think the Book of Mormon is pretty nuts, but Mormons make great neighbours, so who cares? Muslims are violent. Not every Muslim yadda yadda. But far more them than anyone else. It also seems to me that Islam is probably incapable of reform because Sharia is The Word Of Allah and it is immutable and designed to control almost every aspect of life. You can’t really have a Muslim democracy in any meaningful sense, can you? I mean, how’s the legislature gonna work?
What I want to do about it? Stop Islamic immigration to western countries, and stop coddling the ones that are here. (Just one single example: Nidal Hassan might as well have been walking around with “I am a terrorist” tattooed on his forehead. But nobody did anything because that would have been a political correctness faux pas and a career ender.) (Actually, here’s another. The butchering industry is steadily being halaled. In practice this will make it a Muslim monopoly soon, since you can’t have infidels defiling properly-sacrificed food. I object on those grounds, and on the grounds that halal slaughter is cruel – according to many authorities the animals cannot be stunned first – and I want nothing to do with it.) (Here’s another: in Britain, laws against pulling little girls out of school, forced marriage, cousin marriage, female genital mutilation and even polygamy are regularly not enforced. Great, isn’t it?) They have a right to practice their religion. They have a right to be equal under the law.

Slavery, child rape, etc. are already against the law.” And you’re glad about that, right? Well I can assure you they are integral aspects of some cultures. So how intolerant of you. And remember, “The real evil is intolerance”.

“I don’t think you recognize where your reasoning leads.” I don’t think you recognize how lame pulling a stealth Godwin is. Nobody is advocating rounding anyone up. Islam is a totalitarian ideology which is having a rather large negative impact on the world and criticizing it does not constitute a call to genocide. So predictable, so smug, so lazy.
As for this rash of anti-Muslim hate crimes – crickets. There are very few “mosques being vandalized and burned, and innocent citizens… being assaulted.” Far fewer than there are crimes committed against most other groups which constitute likely targets. Which, all things considered, is a massive testament to how decent America is. Because a lot of people were kind of pissed off after 9/11. You know who gets a lot of that kind of thing? Jews. The rate of, say, Synagogue vandalism is much higher than that of attacks on Mosques and so forth. And going up steadily.
Say, I’ve heard of a growing immigrant group that isn’t noted for its philo-semitism.
Pam Geller is a brave woman and she’s never lied about anything that I know of. I bet you’ve never spent ten minutes on her website.

Look, this is pointless. I have my Little Book Of Endlessly Re-iterated Politically Correct Talking Points lying around here somewhere. I’ll just consult that from now on, okay?

*I recommend a book called The Koran In 3 Hours” by the oddly named James Dean. It’s not a commentary, merely a summary, book by book (the Koran is divided into I believe 114 books).