Mass Islamity Breaks Out In Toronto: Official Jew’s Faith in Ontario Infidels’ Ability to Block Khomeinist Rage a Tad, Um, Premature

That’s Scaramouche’s take on yesterday’s Khomeinist Hate Fest and an understandable one. The always truthful Khomeinists assured me they had a permit, and I suspect they weren’t lying – for a change.

This latest breakout of Mass Islamity took place north of Wellesley and that portion of what is commonly referred to as Queen’s Park is administered by the City of Toronto and not by the Sergeant of Arms at QP. Blame the City, write Rob Ford. Call him on his radio show today if it’s on.

Expect nothing to be done about it.

Sanwin has some great pics of yesterday’s KhoDown.

Here’s a pick of a Hezobollah Momma, which I think is a new CBC children’s show scheduled for this fall.

Meanwhile: Some extremists from the radical Zionist organization, JDL, and their Islamophobic hatemongering friends from the Sun News Network tried to harass the attendees but were not successful. The JDL has been designated the terrorist status by the FBI and represents the true face of Zionism and the settler mentality of arrogance, racism and bullying.