Al Quds Day Child Abuse Toronto 2013

Multiculturalism is state sanctioned child abuse.

A Shia child: “Zionism preaches corruption and oppression and tyranny around the world. All these insurgencies you see in Syria they are blaming it on us… These Zionist thugs you see over there they are the representation of all these problems and fitnas in the world…they are behind the insurgencies… Israel is falsehood, they’re tyranny they’re corruption, they’re cancers and they’re terrorizing all the Palestinians… Israel is is an illegal terrorizing racist group which works for the destruction of humanity and peace in the world.”

The Shia Al Quds Day rally was denied a permit for the Queens Park legislature grounds by the Sgt. of Arms. Instead they were granted a permit to hold their hate fest in Queens Park, north of Wellesley. I assume this permit was granted by the city. It can’t have been granted by the Sgt. of Arms at Queens Park? Can It?