Looks Like They Had Perfect Joo Hatin Weather… For Al Quds Day In Qom

URGENT UPDATE: Toronto Al Qud’s protest Sat Aug 3 will STILL take place. The Shia are now scheduling 7 buses from pick up points around the GTA. It is suspected they will either defy the Queen’s Park rally permit denial and assemble there or they may elect to head directly to the US Consulate.

The anti-Zionists have been DENIED their permit to assemble at Queen’s Park this Saturday, August 3:

NOTE — JDL Canada director Meir Weinstein responds as follows:

The JDL protest against the al quds Nazis is still on for Saturday. We will not allow Toronto streets to tolerate Islamic Nazis.

Now on to the Al Quds Day Joo Hatin In Qom. Pictures courtesy of the Toronto Shia Community Forums.