Holyday Wins, Hudak Loses

That seems to be the shape of things. Looks like my predictions regarding Ontario’s fate are proving accurate. We have reached a point of no return on the road to Detroitsville.

A normal electorate would have turfed the thieving Liberals across the board, instead they’ll win two of the five ridings up for grabs, in two others the communist NDP will win.

The problem is that Ontario is now in the grip of the same Political Party/Public Service Union alliance that brought Detroit to ruin. There is little to no difference between the Liberals and the NDP, in fact I would expand that to say that no real differences exist between all three major parties. What we have instead is an entrenched political class. They all belong to the same club and serve each others interests only, all at your expense.

Ontario is all pretty icing and rotten cake, don’t poke it, there’s no telling what might ooze out. Never again will we be a “have” province, once an electorate has decided that voting themselves other peoples money is an entitlement democracy dies.