Yes, Andy Warhol went to Mass every Sunday, but I don’t know about this…

You may not know this:

According to the wonderful book The Religious Art of Andy Warhol, by Jane Daggett Dillenberger, the man remained celibate, a fact revealed by his own declaration of virginity and at his eulogy, where it was recalled that “as a youth he was withdrawn and reclusive, devout and celibate, and beneath the disingenuous mask that is how he at the heart remained.”

He deliberately concealed who he was to the public — famously answering questions with “uh, no” or “uh, yes” — and he certainly concealed the fact that he wore a cross on a chain around his neck, carried with him a missal and a rosary, and volunteered at the soup kitchen at the Church of Heavenly Rest in New York.

He went to Mass — often to daily Mass — sitting at the back, unnoticed, awkwardly embarrassed lest anyone should see he crossed himself in “the Orthodox way” — from right shoulder to left instead of left to right. He financed his nephew’s studies for the priesthood, and — according to his eulogy — was responsible for at least one person’s conversion to the Catholic faith. 

Denyse O’Leary passed along this press release she just received.

Make of this what you will:

EarthCam Launches Live Camera Inside Church Where Andy Warhol Was Baptized

WHAT: In celebration of Andy Warhol’s upcoming 85th birthday, which takes place on Tuesday, August 6, EarthCam has partnered with St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church in Pittsburgh, PA for the EarthCam Network’s first live streaming church webcam. As a child, Warhol and his family were members and attended weekly liturgies at the church.

WHY: The original webcams were implemented by the current Reverend, Father Tom Schaefer, as an innovative way to invite people around the world to join the services. Complete with audio, visitors can listen as Father Tom delivers the liturgy.    

“Our parishioners are thrilled to be a part of this Andy Warhol history project,” said Reverend Tom Schaefer. “As an affiliate of the EarthCam webcam network we are able to expose our church to more people worldwide.”

HOW: Go to for 24/7 live sacred chants and hymns. Be sure to join EarthCam at Andy’s birthday party on August 6th and stay tuned for some exciting announcements.