This. Yes.

(Kathy again.)

This is a cause that is very close to my heart. And, er, face.

I’m serious.

Pun intended — I’m a serious woman. I was a serious little girl.

I have always had what is now called “Bitchy Resting Face.” (So glad there is finally a name for this.)

When I am walking down the street, I’m thinking.

Probably something really important, like about something I’m writing and/or how to make more money.

That’s why I’m NOT homeless, like the guy who yells, “SMILE!!!!!” at me.

I usually yell, “I don’t smile at broke losers like you” or “My mother just died, do you MIND??”

But I would like to NOT have to interrupt my important thinking activities by having to take 3.5 seconds to speak to disgusting males on the sidewalk.

Being catcalled or hearing “Hey, baby!!” has never been a problem, believe me.

But the “smile!!!!!” crap?

All my life.

I’m usually opposed to “awareness raising,” but in this case…?