“Most Influential Blogger Award”

Robert Spencer, who does not owe me money, nominated me for the “Most Influential Blogger” Awards. I am, needless to say flattered and all that good stuff. The rules for nominees are that I must answer the 7 questions prepared for me by my nominator. In turn I must nominate a blogger and prep 7 questions for them.

Now on to Robert’s questions….

1. How do you think the situation regarding jihad and Islamic supremacism is different in Canada from how it is in the United States?

The USA had 911, it’s personal, and even though we have lost too many good men fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, Canadians are by and large complacent about the rise of militant Islam, perceiving it as a distant threat. Additionally there exists little public awareness of the problems facing Europe from Islamic immigration. We have not yet reached the critical, in your face, Muslim population mass that countries such as France or Great Britain have, consequently awareness has tended to develop on a local level and in our larger urban centres when an issue such as the Mosqueteria arises. Our future is being played out in the streets of Europe today. It’s only a matter of time.

2. You have a wonderful sense of humor. How do you keep it in the face of the constant avalanche of bad news?

I drink. Heavily. Seriously though, a sense of humour is necessary just to get out of bed in the morning. Humour heals and is often the best way to introduce serious and often unpalatable issues.

3. How many cats do you actually have? 

Only one, our fella Pip. He’s also my drinking buddy. However I consider reader cats part of the immediate family.

4. Where is your favorite place to go to get away from all this madness for awhile?

The Banilieus of France! Actually the couch and late night TV have the desired therapeutic effect.

5. Where do you think all this is going? What will the world look like in ten years’ time?

It will get worse before it gets better. There are just too many variables, economic, cultural, political, religious that I can’t hazard but a hopeful guess. I do believe the Islamic threat will be beaten back but Islam itself is in a collision with the modern world, much blood will be shed in the effort, most of it likely to be Muslim. Is an Islamic reformation possible? Sure, and so is a colony of Super Hot Space Babes on Mars. It just isn’t probable without there being a major beat-down along the way despite the efforts of “moderates” to obviate that certainty. There are bright spots on the horizon including the decline in reliance on Jihad’s fuel,  Middle Eastern Oil and the slow if steady dawning of awareness on the part of the average Joe to what potentially lies ahead.  Still, the Israel question remains dominant. Muslims do not want peace, period, end of story. So long as Israel exists they will wage Jihad. Were Israel to be wiped off the map, as it’s enemies desire, Muslims would still wage jihad. No amount of interfaith delusion will alter that course. We need new Churchills and Wilders and Napiers and all we can get.

6. Who do you think is doing a great job in fighting against jihad and Islamic supremacism?

Bloggers, big and small, supported as they are by their readers, do it best, which is simultaneously hopeful and alarming. That’s not to disparage the efforts of our allies in the MSM , few though their number may seem at times.  I can name all the ususal suspects if you wish, Daniel Greenfield, Geller, Spencer, Steyn, Lilley,Levant, Coren, Murray, Barney Frank, but you’re familiar with those names.  Give the lesser known blogs a link when you can, it helps us all.
7. Who do you think are the chief obstacles today to people having a correct understanding of jihad and Islamic supremacism?
Speaking from a Canadian perspective, multiculturalism, political correctness and our outdated, in fact harmful, views on the nature of immigration are significant obstacles. Our political class, academics, and the MSM in general I would label as the 3 major culprits that reinforce our current course of slow societal suicide . We have a long way to go before we win back the culture from the useful idiots, fellow travelers and craven cowards who dominate these areas currently. It may not be possible but then it may not be necessary.  A growing disconnect exists between these groups and the man on the street who is well ahead of the curve on the issue of Islamist Supremacism. Our lights glow brighter, theirs dimmer.
Fear though is always a constant, always lurking in the background. While I encourage people to voice their opinions I always advise those who seek advice on “going public” to think through the ramifications. Canada is a small pond and it’s easy to make the “wrong ripples”. That said the victory against our perverse “thought crime law”, Section 13, was a watershed in my view and bodes well for the the struggles to come.

And I nominate… Vlad Tepes

Vlad is a constant ally and a must read. His network of translators brings us news from overseas that simply never makes our MSM. If you are curious about events in Europe and beyond that often both our press and theirs shy away from then you”ll want to put Vlad on your reading list. You won’t be disappointed.

Seven questions for Vlad.

  1. I heard you gave up your Accordion band to join the Counter Jihad. Is that true and what makes it so fulfilling a vocation for you?
  2. Marx predicted England would be the first to experience revolution. Are we wrong as well in assuming it is nearing its tipping point?
  3. What are your worst fears for the future?
  4. What brings you hope for the future?
  5. If you had the Prime Minister’s ear what would you say to him?
  6. Your blog is called Vlad Tepes, how come you don’t decorate it with cool pictures of Dracula? Or better yet Dracula Babes?
  7. Who are your must reads in the Jihadosphere?