‘Honestly, Rush was a little like Bill O’Reilly at times, where he had his blinders on…’

Via GlennBeck.com:

Sadly, much like Glenn, Rush rarely gets a fair shake from the mainstream media. Words will be taken out of context, mistakes will be exploited, and credit will rarely be given. Glenn encouraged his listeners, however, to continue to be vigilant and do their own homework.

“Do your homework, America. Be intelligent, be informed, and find out who is giving you the news. When you can watch the news and decode it, the whole world changes, but it is up to you to do it, because they are never going to report what Rush Limbaugh is actually saying,” Glenn said. “What Rush Limbaugh is actually saying is there are forces in the GOP world that want nothing more than to destroy anybody with an independent voice that stands for the Constitution and Tea Party.”

(Oh, yeah: Beck really did give a speech sponsored by Al-Jazeera.)