We must stop avoiding this discussion

Are antisemitism and Islamophobia twin sides of the same coin? Or in any way remotely similar? The none-too-subtle insinuation that they are has become commonplace in our media and politics. Prominent Jewish groups have also fallen for it. But they should know that this is a terrible trap.

“…far too many who condemn the killing of a British soldier on British streets will praise or condone the murder of a British soldier on the streets of Kabul or Basra. Or the killing of a Jewish Israeli soldier or civilian absolutely anywhere. The Istanbul Declaration signed in 2009 by some British Muslim leaders condoned attacks on British sailors if they in any way enforced the blockade on Gaza. What worth is a moderate who condemns the killing of a British soldier while condoning the killing of a British sailor?

Of course most Britons, including most British Jews, are sincerely worried about pointing out such facts. This is perhaps one reason why some British rabbis continue to sit on interfaith groups with imams and other Muslim leaders who signed the Istanbul declaration or have long track records of antisemitic and anti-Israel activity.”