‘Islam is a religion of mercy and compassion’: Muslims condemn child sex grooming in hard-hitting sermon being delivered to 500 mosques

You can file this under “Crock of Shit”

Except for the fact we hate infidels, and oh yea, the terrorism, the near daily riots over some imagined offense,  the sectarian violence, the honour killings, the female genital mutilation, the hatred for the west, its heritage, values and traditions, the desire to destroy Israel, the fact you’d be hard pressed to name a single Muslim nation that doesn’t persecute religious minorities etc etc etc…

Yea apart from all that Islam sure is a religion of mercy and compassion.

Islam, Rape and Theology – Bruce Bawer

Five days before 9/11, a famous Norwegian social anthropologist (and Norway may well be the only nation on Earth where there is such a thing as a famous social anthropologist) instructed her countrywomen that the way to bring down the high number of rapes – most of which, even way back then, were already being committed by “non-Western immigrants” – was for them to stop dressing in a manner that Muslim men found provocative. Norway, she lectured, was steadily becoming “a multicultural society,” and Norwegian women, if they didn’t want to wind up being brutally ravished in an alleyway by some Pakistani gang, should choose their wardrobes appropriately. Period.