Is Harvard Conducting Research On Congenital Liars?

A reader writes: Apparently Dalton McGuinty is moving to Harvard. Lets make sure his reputation follows him. I understand that people are writing to the President of the University to let him know how fucked up this decision is.

This is my letter.

I read in the news today that you have offered the former Premier of Ontario, Mr. Dalton McGuinty, a fellowship in Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

To say that I find this shocking and quite frankly outrageous, would be to understate my reaction.

Mr. McGuinty has presided over what is quite possibly, the most corrupt Government this Province has ever had. He has left the Province bankrupt and there are currently TWO Ontario Police Probes into his Government’s handling of records relating to a Gas Power Plant Scandal.

During his tenure, Mr. Mcguinty has

  • Imposed the highest tax increase on Ontario residents, barely weeks after publicly proclaiming “No new taxes”
  • Overseen the squandering of over 1 BILLION $ developing a still non existent Electronics Health Records System
  • Squandered BILLIONS of $ on secret sole sourced Wind Energy deals with Samsung (which the current government is quietly scaling back)
  • Been involved in a 600$ Million and counting scandal to cancel Gas Power plants to save electoral seats
  • Been involved n the illegal deletion of email records relating to this scandal.
  • Imposed a Harmonized Sales Tax which was supposed to lower costs and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs – and has done neither.
  • When things got too difficult, Mr. McGuinty prorogued Parliament and quit as Premier. When the Police investigation began, Mr. McGuinty also quit as a Member of Parliament.

…the list goes on.

During his tenure, Mr. McGuinty has BANKRUPTED the Province and taken it to HAVE-NOT status from HAVE status – which means it is no longer a net contributor to the National economy and now depends on hand outs from other Provinces.

This man belongs in a jail cell, not the hallowed halls of Harvard.

I fear, offering a fellowship to such a man would forever tarnish the reputation of your fine institution.

Please reconsider this appointment, this man does not deserve it.