Canadian Muslims use Mandela’s imminent death as chance to bash Israel

The always-idiotic name-callers and losers at MuslimPerspectives actually perform a welcome (accidental) social service:

Reminding a brainwashed world that the terrorist named Nelson Mandela also thinks that Israel is “an apartheid-state.”

How stupid are some Canadian Muslims? This stupid:

As an example of what makes Mandela great, please read a memo he sent to that Zionist in liberal clothing, Thomas Friedman. The memo is an eloquent expression of why the Zionist state is in fact an apartheid state just as South Africa was. Given this fact, the close cooperation between the Zionist state and the then apartheid S. Africa makes perfect sense.

Muslim Perspectives then quotes Mandela himself at length, revealing the “great leader’s” twisted, factually-challenged take on the Jewish state.

Stupid squared.

Update: Don’t Fall for the Hoax that Mandela Is Anti-Israel!