Globe & Mail Describes Illegal Alien Security Risks As “Migrants”

Based on this headline, “Canada looks to put GPS bracelets on more migrants”, one would assume Canada routinely applied GPS bracelets, which allow real-time tracking of movement, to all “immigrants” to Canada as a matter of totalitarian routine.
Currently Canadian Border Services has a total of 4, count em 4 individuals fitted with GPS bracelets:

“Right now the Canadian Border Services Agency says it is monitoring just four people via electronic bracelets.”

Further the type of individuals detained by the CBA and under consideration GPS bracelet monitoring are not migrants, they are illegal aliens some of whom pose a danger to the country.

There are three reasons why new arrivals to Canada might be detained under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act: Ottawa considers that they represent a danger to the country; they represent a flight risk; or their identity hasn’t been established.

This is what passes for news at the Globe nowadays.