Stephen Lewis Explains Why He Wants To Let Every Fake Refugee In The World Use Canada As A Doormat At Your Expense

“JRAN is aimed at undoing a law that fast-tracks the applications from prospective refugees who come from a country the federal Immigration Minister has designated as safe and another law that strips refugees from those countries of the right to free health care.

Both were introduced last year by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in an effort to stop an influx of people from places like Hungary, a country where the Roma minority claim they are persecuted but which is a democracy with a developed legal system. The Globe and Mail talked to Mr. Lewis about the initiative.”

The comments are the best part.

This is Europe’s problem, not ours, and they are more than able to handle it. We have no obligation to foot the the bill for a vanity project designed to make Stephen Lewis and his fellow bleeding hearts feel good about themselves.