Oh My. Neturei Karta Rabbi Attacked by Muslim in Amsterdam

A Neturei Karta rabbi was assaulted by a Muslim man in the Dutch capital Amsterdam on Sunday, Channel 2 News reported. The man, Rabbi Yosef Antebi, 50, has been hospitalized, the report said.

A friend of the rabbi told Channel 2, “As he was walking down the street, a car stopped next to him, and a man who appeared to be a Muslim immigrant came out. The immigrant started shouting anti-Jewish slurs at the rabbi. Rabbi Antebi is anti-Zionist, he does not advocate for war in the Middle East but he was identified as a Zionist. The Muslim started yelling at him and threatening him, and the rabbi noticed that the immigrant was going to attack him.”

There is a lesson here, pity that many will not heed it.