Well he is paid by Zion and he has to obey. Canada is totally run by Tel Aviv and this is a sad, sad fact.

Iranians react to Baird’s reversal of his earlier election comments…

Jalal – Jun 22, 2013 1:53 PM

Canada or any other zionist entity will keep barking as long as it is not their puppet who is in place.What these zionist dominated countries are doing is illegal,immoral and a violation on every level.They are not even a moral or a legal body to judge.All they are is ,another ex colinial who keeps revisiting his criminal past and wiched it to be today.

Truthin reply to Cyrus – 6/22/2013 3:50:40 PM

There are no Canadian politicians in Canada. CANADIAN POLITICIANS ARE ZIONIST OR CHOSEN BY ZIONIST .