Why Israel is Losing the Internet War

“…By 2000, Israel should have acted, but it didn’t. With the ease of purchasing domains, anyone with an anti-Israel bias could open up a site. Cross-linking got them a high presence on Google. It wasn’t until Jew Watch — a vicious anti-Semitic site — punched a number one rating for searches of the word, “jew” (“Joseph Turow and Lokman Tsui wrote in 2008 that the Wikipedia page [Jew Watch] on Jews had become the number one result for the search word “Jew”.”) that a realization of how far things had deteriorated had finally set in.

But again, old methods were tried to fight the flood. Hate crime laws were applied to shut down sites, and punish their authors, such as happened with Ernst Zündel and his Zündelsite. There were requests to delist Jew Watch from Google. A Remove Jew Watch Campaign was started.

Apart from the fact that such methods are authoritarian, and only added to the criticism of Jews — “What were the Jews trying to hide?” — they did not work. The Canadian-resident Zündel merely transferred ownership of his site to his American wife — and it is on an American server to this day, putting it outside the jurisdiction of Canadian hate crimes laws. Zündel would be deported to Germany under suspiciously political circumstances, which gave a foolish holocaust-denying clown the opportunity to redefine himself as a champion of free speech. Worst of all, Muslims used these very same hate crime laws to prevent criticism of Islam. All of this response was old school; and all of it backfired.”

h/t Minicapt