Islamic Mandate; Their Way or NO Way.

“There are many religious and political forums being held across America and around the world for the purpose of attempting to foster understanding, and create an environment of tolerance, between Christians, Jews and Muslims. I am definitely a proponent of the need to understand one another and I am particularly keen on the need to understand those who adhere to the Islamic faith. In order for Christians and Jews (and the West in general) to safely co-exist with Muslims, we must possess more than a surface, or media-generated, knowledge of Islamic culture and ideology. What I have observed coming from these forums thus far clearly indicates a failure to grasp even the basic principles essential to understanding the Islamic community which is rapidly closing in from all sides.

Western and Islamic thinking are quite opposite.

The Western world must shed its cloak of ignorance and wake up to this fact. The concept of nationalism really does not exist in the Islamic world. A Muslim’s only allegiance is to Allah. For example, a Muslim in Jordan would feel a closer bond to a Muslim in Afghanistan than to a fellow Jordanian who is non-Muslim. Sharing the same country is not as strong a bond as sharing the same faith.”