Obama Decides to Supply Syria’s ‘Rebels’ — i.e. al Qaeda and Assorted Islamists

So, the same government that has been caught spying on and abusing its own citizens at home will now be openly arming our mortal enemies.

White House: Syria crosses ‘red line’ with use of chemical weapons on its people

“While the lethality of these attacks make up only a small portion of the catastrophic loss of life in Syria, which now stands at more than 90,000 deaths, the use of chemical weapons violates international norms and crosses clear red lines that have existed within the international community for decades,” Rhodes added.

The administration also appeared to indicate that it was stepping up its support of the rebels, who have been calling for the United States and others to provide arms needed to battle al-Assad’s forces. “Put simply, the Assad regime should know that its actions have led us to increase the scope and scale of assistance that we provide to the opposition, including direct support to the (rebel Supreme Military Council). These efforts will increase going forward,” Rhodes’ statement said.

Krauthammer’s Take: ‘My Jaw Dropped’ at Obama’s Syria Plan