Video: Our Syrian Aid Recipients Celebrate Their Latest Atrocity In Hatla

Take everything with a grain of salt that comes from Syria News, however:

“More than 60 civilians mostly women and children were massacred by terrorists from one of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ branches, most likely the Wahhabi Nusra Front in the Hatlah town, Der Ezzor countryside, north of Syria. The town consists of mostly Shiite residents. Some of the top scholars and their families were among the slaughtered, many were kidnapped by the Wahhabi attackers

Video of the terrorists bragging about their crime and then some others forcing people to go out in the street to praise the genocide their friends committed, English subtitles, had to use LiveLeak instead of YouTube, as YouTube supports NATO terrorists only and delete any video against them

English subtitles.

Related video from Syrian Observatory on Human Rights. NB Google translate – “Burning houses of the Shiites in the village of Htalh Brive”

More – Syrian rebels kill dozens of Shi’ites in eastern town

h/t Chayisun