An Unseen Error in the Multicultural Ethos

“Defenders of indiscriminate multiculturalism see criticism of Islam as a kind of ethnocentrism, and therefore consider the criticism a moral crime and an error of cognitive simplemindedness. Ethnocentrism means judging another culture based on the values and standards of your own culture.

But committed multiculturalists fail to notice that these criticizers of Islam (or at least most of them) are not criticizing all other religions; but only Islam (and maybe Scientology), which should lead them to recognize that the criticism is something other than mere ethnocentrism. And they haven’t noticed that Islamic texts are themselves extremely ethnocentric.

I came across a good summary of the ethnocentrism of Islam on the excellent blog, The Malsi-Tung Social Virus. I suggest you subscribe to it. The author doesn’t post very often, but when he does, it is excellent reading. Here’s his summary — information that would cause smoke to spew from the ears of most indiscriminate multiculturalists:

Cultural superiority:

  • Jahiliya is the doctrine that every culture preceding Islamisation is in a state of ignorance
  • The Bible and Torah are viewed as merely corrupted versions of the Koran and are full of error. Their only merit is that they point toward the coming of Muhammad
  • All forms of non-Muslim culture are inferior or evil: democracy, music, figurative art, free thought, drinking alcohol, mixing of the sexes etc.”