Compare and contrast…

In today’s Star, Dow Marmur jumps on the bash Pamela Geller bandwagon. The quote below says it all about prevailing attitudes among the willfully blind.

“We want to strengthen the moderates, not alienate them. We recognize the anxiety, fear and concern that many fellow Jews feel, but do not want to be overreactive and turn into a negative force that could be injurious to ourselves and others. We must be vigilant, but to be victorious against extremism, we must be able to distinguish between true and imaginary dangers.” In other words you’re too cowardly to speak up.

The Muslim community protest against the film “Innocence of Muslims”, held last year in Toronto, quickly deteriorated into a Jew Hate Festival, watch the video I made of the event to see for yourself. Did anyone hear a word from the Toronto Board of Rabbi’s condemning this event? Did the Rabbi’s raise the issue at the next interfaith outreach mutual admiration society meeting? Somehow I doubt it, yet they sure jumped on the bash Pamela Geller bandwagon in a hurry.

Now, note the size of the crowd at the Innocence of Muslim film protest in the clip below. The Muslim community organized bus loads of eager participants, a couple of thousand in fact, from within their community. Compare this with yesterday’s Muslims against terrorism rally at Queen’s Park where a total of perhaps a dozen individuals showed up, about half of whom weren’t Muslim. Your outreach seems to be workin just swell there guys.

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If only we were nicer to our enemies, they would like us!

‘A Great Day in Harlem’ vs a sad day in Toronto: ‘Moderate’ Muslims fail again

Does it not occur to these “moderates” that if they have to be so fearful of their co-religionists,then there is something wrong with their religion itself?

h/t Iron Burka