Toronto: Khomeini Lovin Scumbags Beaten With Sticks Claims Khomeni Lovin Scumbag

“Iranian Monarchists display their violent nature”. That’s the title of an article in Zafar Bangash’s Crescent Magazine, the publication of choice for the sophisticated Khomeini Lovin Scumbag.

“These counter-revolutionaries also had the backing of Jewish Defence League (JDL) thugs. This is a body that has been banned in the US as a terrorist organization yet for some strange reason it continues to operate quite freely and openly in Canada. It is this kind of license that has emboldened their fellow travellers to indulge in vicious attacks against innocent people as was witnessed on Sunday June 2 outside the Islamic Society of York Region premises.

If the police fail to take action against such behaviour of the counter-revolutionaries and their enablers, it will embolden other criminal elements to take the law into their own hands.”
Oh the Humanity!
Toronto Islamofascists celebrate Scumbag Khomeini under police protection

“That is the same police force, which last month shut down an appearance by Pamela Geller. They intimidated the rabbi at whose synagogue she was to speak. Their reasoning was that her views were not consistent with the values of the York Regional police. Pamela Geller is opposed to the militant Islamism and it seems they don’t like that.”