Hey Little Stalins! Do you have what it takes to be a Mood Watcher?

“The president of the University of Toronto’s student union has moved to ban Mens Rights groups from Canadian universities at the upcoming annual meeting for the Canadian Federation of Students. Video of her leading radical feminists in two anti-Mens Rights protests went viral in November and April.

“Page 7 — this one’s really fucking bizarre

Be it further resolved that Standing Resolution 3, article 4 be amended to read:

Anti-Oppression Procedures, Mood-Watchers and information-Helpers. In order to ensure that conversations remain productive and safe, a minimum of one mood-watcher who has undergone training in anti-oppression politics and facilitation frameworks will be appointed by the voting members at the beginning of plenaries.

And of course they want to ban Men’s Rights Groups

Page 17 — this is the MRA one

Whereas there has been an increase in the presence of ‘Men’s Rights Awareness Groups’ on campuses across the country; and Whereas these groups provide environments for sexism, patriarchy and misogyny to manifest and be perpetuated on campus, which should be safe(r) spaces for students; and Whereas these groups promote misogynist, hateful views towards women and ideologies that promote gender equity, challenges women’s bodily autonomy, justifies sexual assault, and decries feminism as violent”

Link to Canadian Federation of Students crap.