Britain braced for anti-Islamist protest day

UAF Protested EDL & SIOE Alongside Woolwich Islamic Jihadist Butcher Michael Adebolajo [Video]

“The lead spokesperson for Leicester UAF has responded to a question on why they marched with Islamists in support of Sharia Law in London in June 2010. The Islamists were counter-demonstrating against the One Law for All campaign. He says:

‘If Jews were the primary target of the EDL and solidarity with them meant standing with hardcore zionists, would that mean there was total confusion within UAF on Palestinian rights, or simply that solidarity with groups who are faced with persecution by fascists is not conditional upon their acceptance of a certain political or religious line? Indeed in the resistance to the Nazis during WW2, communists and zionists often united on that very basis’.

Maryam Namazie: It is this sort of warped logic that puts ‘progressive’ groups in bed with fascists – albeit the Islamic kind.”