P.J. O’Rourke calls Obama “Stupid”

I’m beginning to get the weird feeling that this really might be it for the teflon sh-thead.* O’Rourke hasn’t been a brave writer in decades, and I doubt he’d say something that might jeopardize his social life or his kids’ college options.

This is a hobbyhorse of mine, but I like to point out the (to me) astonishing fact that Princeton graduate Michelle Obama is a semi-literate. Of course, she makes up for that with her skills in the hard scien… – oh. Never mind.

Assuming that the Obamas do have a real marriage and she isn’t just a beard, I have to believe that there is not a vast gap between their respective brain powers. Smart men rarely marry idiots, and if they do they usually keep them as pets. I have the impression that she is the stronger personality.

As O’Rourke points out, Obama kind of seems smart to the sort of people who care about pants-creases and nicely modulated accents. There is no evidence that he actually is smart. There is considerable evidence to the contrary.

*Don’t crack open the champagne yet. I’ve had this feeling before.

h/t Ace of Spades HQ