Interfaith Dialogue As It Should Be: JDL To Participate In Local Khomeini Luv In

JDL CANADA will picket this Terror Support Event

4:30 Sunday June 2

Al-Huda Islamic Center 975 Kennedy Road (Eglington and Kennedy Road)

“Alhumdulillah Moulana Hassan Mujtaba Rizvi, Imam Zafar Bangash and Br. Afeef Khan from the Contemporary Islamic Thought (Washington DC) has been confirmed and will be addressing the event InshaAllah.”

Aleef Khan is a real gem: “Although the details are still sketchy and all information on the incident is conjecture, as the military is not talking, Major Nidal Hassan, the alleged Ft. Hood assassin, is being presented the same way in order to establish the difference between an “ordinary” Muslim and an “ordinary” American — even the hint of such comparison suggests that Muslims do not fit. Because of the media and government insinuation of collective guilt, fueled by American Islamic organizations pushing each other out of the way to see who would first apologize for the incident, all Muslims, be they of domestic or foreign origin, are now assumed to be taking orders from a foreign entity, one whose ultimate objective is to destroy America and its free, liberal values. Was the Ft. Hood tragedy another FBI false flag operation to “ethnically cleanse” the would-be army of God from all its Muslim fifth columnists? Was Major Nidal Hassan being set up as a dupe all along so that at the right time, he could be used to advance US military and foreign policy objectives? After this incident, it will be much easier to make the case for continued war against the Muslims “over there” and at home.”

More Aleef…“For Iran to provide diplomatic and political leverage for another government, that regime must take an anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist position and be open to reform.

Syria’s government met these criteria, according to Afeef Khan of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought. Earlier this year the Bashar government offered a new constitution, which allowed a multi-party system after 40 years of family rule, but violence continued as Western countries dismissed it as “laughable” and rebels called it a “sham.”

Here’s Aleef at an anti-Islamophobia rally – he says America should leave all Muslim lands – I agree and all Muslims should leave Western nations;)