Call to Pickett Ruhollah Khomeini’s Anniversary Event in Toronto!

Date: June 2nd 2013, Time: 5:00pm, Place: 975 Kennedy Road, Toronto, Ontario-Al Huda Islamic Centre

An event has been organized by the “Muslim Community of GTA” to mark the 24th death anniversary of Ruhollah Khomeini in Toronto. Ironically the theme of this event as identified on the flyer is “Imam Khomeini’s Struggle For Justice of the Oppressed.”

This is ironic as Khomeini was the brutal Islamic dictator who high-jacked the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and was the “Supreme Leader” of an Islamic dictatorship that not only has been oppressing its own people for the past 34 years, but is also very much involved in international terrorism worldwide.

Khomeini is a widely hated figure in Iran and is seen by many as the Iranian “Hitler”. He is responsible for the arrest, torture, rape and imprisonment of thousands of Iranian political dissidents after the revolution.