Blogwrath attended the Daniel Pipes lecture… it went downhill pretty fast from the sound of it.

Exibit 1: “I am not sure if Father de Souza realized the dark irony of the situation. The Muslim “understanding” of the Pope’s message was limited to organizing an interfaith conference in Europe, because the filthy kafirs, Christians and Jews, can’t be allowed into the citadel of the Muslim barbarism. And he considers this “progress”. It’s no wonder that Christians in many countries feel betrayed by the cowardly behaviour of their clerics.”

Pipes, Salim Mansur and the other panelists are good and well intentioned men, not to mention stalwart allies, disagreements in approach in any endeavour are inevitable. I will state that I agree with their position that we have to support Moderate Muslims in the fight against the Islamists. I will qualify my support to indicate that I do not believe Islam to be moderate.

Is an Islamic reformation possible? Certainly, but that will be unlikely to occur without rivers of blood and we need to ensure that our societies are not the collateral damage of this conflict. The West needs to protect itself by, among other measures, declaring a moratorium on Muslim immigration, as Salim Mansur has recommended. A Cold War style policy of containment is our best course of action.

Another course of action in dealing with Islam’s perpetual sectarian civil war, its ongoing “reformation”, as Pipes has suggested in the specific case of Syria, is to feed both sides just enough assistance to keep the slaughter going. I find myself in agreement with this position but would apply it to every Muslim nation.

I am mystified at their attacks on Pamela Geller. None of us is perfect, we have all made mistakes, however as it shouldn’t need to be pointed out, she has done much good work,  work every bit as important as their own contributions. You may find her strident or extreme, you may find deserved fault in specific instances, but indisputably, the overall scorecard runs overwhelmingly in Geller’s favour.

Score 1 for the Banshees, among whose numbers I proudly count myself, without them no one’s voice would be heard;)

Do read Blogwrath’s report it is well worth your time.

Update: Farzana Hassan wrote about the reaction to the Geller lecture – “Pipes is tolerated, Geller is not – In matters of culture and religion, political correctness circumscribes the right to freedom of expression”

“Two renowned Jewish Americans spoke about the issue of Islamic radicalism in the GTA this week.

Both recognize Islamism as a threat to peace and security; both acknowledge the existence of peace-loving Muslims, who must join hands with others fighting extremism; both wish to defend Western values. Yet one speaker is tolerated more than the other.”   Worthwhile reading.