To the Slaughter ~ British lions come up lambs in Woolwich.

Once, long ago, I was in an altercation where someone pulled a switchblade, and ever since have been mindful of Jimmy Hoffa’s observation that he’d rather jump a gun than a knife. Nevertheless, there is a disturbing passivity to this scene: a street full of able-bodied citizens being lectured to by blood-soaked murderers who have no fear that anyone will be minded to interrupt their diatribes.

In fairness to the people of Boston, they were ordered to “shelter in place” by the governor of Massachusetts. In Woolwich, a large crowd of Londoners apparently volunteered to “shelter in place,” instinctively. Consider how that will play when these guys’ jihadist snuff video is being hawked around the bazaars of the Muslim world. Behold the infidels, content to be bystanders in their own fate.

Help me understand why Muslims are such bloodthirsty loons…

Incidents like those in #Woolwich & #Birmingham in a diverse society like #Britain call for socio-cultural understanding. #Islam #UK #Rigby
— Fahad Nisar Rana (@fahadnisarrana1) May 25, 2013