Optimism in struggle with radical Islam

“The problem, he says, is that Islamist ideology is gaining influence in European and North American societies, slowly eroding traditions and values that have been a mainstay of western culture for centuries. He points, for example, to the allowance made in Britain for the Muslim practice of polygamy and the increasing acceptance of Shariah. “There are parts of London where you can’t get alcohol. There’s something like 100 Shariah courts in Britain, completely private courts that not only do civil law but criminal law. … There’s also a growing movement toward Muslim-only zones where not only is Shariah applied but non-Muslims are not welcome. This isn’t terrorism, but it is the gradual Islamization of Western society.”

Westerners, he says, need to recognize that the Islamist ideology is on par with fascism and communism as a threat to liberal democracy, and in order to fight it they need to know their enemy. “Just as a doctor can’t diagnose a disease without identifying it and understanding it, we can’t fight Islamism without identifying it for what it is.”