Friday night music post – Bob Dylan!

Not too long ago I was stuck in someone’s car for roughly three to four hours.

But I didn’t bring anything to read, because I’m an idiot. So I wound up listening to this album – the only one on hand – over. And over. And over. Again. And. Again.

(Yes, the car did belong to an aging boomer jackass. Why do you ask?)
Frankly, it’s a horrible album. This one single song, however, is very good. If it hadn’t been for this one very single song I’d probably have freaked out, decamped, and hitched my way to Texas by now. And who knows? Maybe that would have been all for the best.
Anyway, just to prove I kinda like Dylan sometimes, I want to post this.
I’m curious as to the meaning of the lyrics between 2:30 – 2:48.

If anyone has an interesting but slightly out of the way Dylan song to suggest, please to suggest away.

UPDATE: I always liked this:

Dave in Guelph likes Oh Sister, which, naturally, I can’t link for some screwed up reason. Anyhoo:

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