The radical Islam-terror connection – Ideas have consequences

“…to accuse critics of Islam of suffering from “Islamophobia” also reveals an intent to equate them with racial bigots. This is based on either the fact that most Muslims are not white – a moot point in the Boston case, as the Tsarnaevs were (literally) Caucasian – or the tendency to lump all kinds of bigotry into one category. This tendency is particularly harmful to arguments about religion because it fails to appreciate that, unlike ethnicity, religious beliefs are fundamentally a set of ideas in which people choose to believe, which relate directly to the way that people live their lives, and which are perfectly subject to evaluation. Just as one’s liberty to support Communism did not insulate Marxism-Leninism from ideological challenge, the freedom to believe in Islam does not insulate Islam itself from the charge that its doctrines are pernicious.”

Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on the Woolwich Jihad Beheading whitewash