CEO Of Sault Ste. Marie YMCA Shocked To Find People Aren’t Buying Into Her Multiculty Bullshit Sharia Law

Critics charge Y event everything from sexist to an attempt by Muslims to bring in Sharia law via the back door

“Caruso said she expected disagreeable feedback, but concedes she’s somewhat shocked at the tenor of some responses, most of which have come from women.

“It’s amazing the people who consider us to be a melting pot, similar to the States rather than a mosaic,” she added. “All through elementary school and high school and into university taking geography and studying different cultures, I’ve always been taught that Canada is a mosaic. For people to believe that’s not the case and when you come to Canada you should be ‘Canadian’ and get rid of all your heritage and cultural ways is a little surprising to me.”

I bet it is.