Sympathy for the terrorist

“Let old-style, Western, guilt-ridden, camouflaged, code-worded, Teutonic, WASPish or pure laine anti-Semitism rear its head, chances are it will be slapped down even today. Ferocious B’nai Brith-types will pounce and pulverize it. Social consensus will wring its neck, burn it to a cinder, and what’s left of its ashes will be dispersed by the “human rights” police. I shed no tears. But when post-modern, robust, Third World, self-righteous, grievance-fuelled, boisterous “liberation” anti-Semitism browbeats, disrupts and intimidates — as it has, from universities to trade unions to book stores — chances are, the same anti-defamatory organizations will look the other way.

As for the Jewish targets of a new, in-your-face, mid-Eastern-style anti-Semitism, they’ll be lucky if the state’s “human rights” commissars don’t turn on them. That’s bad. Anti-Semitism may be advancing on the right again, but on the left it’s gaining the field.