Swedish Multiculturalism: Peace Demonstration Against Husby Muslim Riots Stoned By Muslims

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A peaceful demonstration against immigrant riots in Husby was attacked with the usual stones that rained over the protesters. One of the peaceful demonstrators was hit in the head by a stone.

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Unrest in Stockhom continues – in the early hours of Thursday, burned cars for at least 15 suburbs Earlier in the evening, held peaceful demonstrations in Husby – to protest against the recent violence. Then got an audience of a stone thrown in the head and was taken to hospital, then at 22.30 began reports of fires fall into.
Late in the night came the news of a difficult to extinguish a fire in a restaurant in Saginaw. When firefighters arrived to extinguish restaurant fire, which police headlining as gross arson, they were stopped by stone-throwing youths. Only when the police had chased away the young people could begin to extinction.