Root Cause Of Swedish Car-B-Q Riots Explained

By an immigrant  Husby resident…

“Most people have not even seen a banana before they came here, now they have running water, all the world’s fruits at home, the refrigerator is everything from milk to chocolate, no one here is poor, and yet they sit and complain. And the school all look like a kindergarten here, they do not care. I was like myself then, but now, I’m 25, so I get it that my parents were right when they used to mess with me to go to school and get an education. I regret it today. I try to get up early every morning and go to work. But most people here do not want to work. It is not pity them. These riots is not about politics or socio-economic reasons, it is not that, forget it. Everyone here has the money and have a good time.”